"We are dedicated to preserving the secret rites of the religion and passing down the traditional authentic religious practices of
Palo Mayombe, Siete Briyumba Congo & Kimbiza"

Are you wondering how you can learn about the Religion of Palo Mayombe and are seeking membership into the secret rites through initiation into a Sacred Munanso Congo?

The Initiation is called
Rayamiento or being "Scratched" and it is extremely secret, extremely serious and sacred it is an amazing and beautiful experience which takes Courage, Honor, and Loyalty to Prove yourself thorough Oath, Pacts and Vows to the Munanso Congo it preserves the tradition and lineages of the Religion of Palo Mayombe.

Discussion on initiation with non-initiates is strictly forbidden. The ceremonies are secret and should remain this way in order to expose Frauds and Charlatans from copying them and performing false ceremonies to some unsuspecting Seekers in the faith.  although this does happen they are quickly exposed when they are brought into the light by the Legitimate Palo Mayombe Community.

Initiation is where you start. In the Religion of Palo Mayombe the temple is formed much like the concept or model of hierarchy, which is modeled after the tribal structure from the High Priest and workers and Assistants called "Bokanfula's" down to the Apprentice Helpers called "Ngaeyo's". All roles are held vital in the structure of the Munanso Congo and each of the members help eachother learn 1 on 1 once members are able to memorize and know the details of ceremonies they are tested and given initiation into the next stage.

below is a model from Nfumo and High Priest down to Ngaeyo's

Nfumo (Tribal Chief / Royal King) Tata Nkisi Ngombo Nganga Malongo - High Priest
A High Priest with a royal title  that has had all the Necessary training and Initiation rites and has recieved all of the sacred Nganga's, the title of Ngombo denotes that the High Priest has recieved the highest initiation Kimbabula Kabango known as also "Padre Tiempo" and can perform the sacred divinations and proverbs through use of the Nkobo, Vititi mensu, Chamalongo, and "Fa-si-bradiku" a Table that has Symbols and proverbs in the Palo Mayombe Religion used in Divination these are a direct connection to the Devine, a Tata Ngombo Nganga is similar to a Babalawo which is a High Priest of the religion of Ifa which shares Similarites to the Religion of Palo Mayombe in all cases a Tata Ngombo Nganga can perform even more functions then that of a Babalawo because they deal directly with the problems on earth.

Paleros are completely capable of performing all the same works if not more then a Babalawo , or High Priest of Ifa tradition or Lucumi religion also called “Santeria”. There are some in the Santeria and IFA community that believe in a "Progressive theory" that states that a person should move from Palo to Santeria to Ifa over the course of time through a persons spiritual development. This, is absolutely Un-true Palo Mayombe is a Religion of its own with its own Priests and Structure and beliefs. Though in Palo Mayombe it is alright for a person to be initiated into different spiritual practices as well as other traditions a person should complete his spiritual developments as a Priest in Palo Mayombe first before moving forward into other faiths this can sometimes confuse someone and cause spiritual problems for a person later on , it must also be remembered that these religions are all separate although they may share similarities they are not the same or ever mixed into each other when someone does this they are NOT performing there function correctly.

A Tata Ngombo Nganga is a High Priest that is able to perform all the duties of the religion, sacrifices and knows all of the secrets, ceremonies, mambo's(sacred song prayers) and functions of a munanso congo He also acts as a Guide, Counselor, Mentor and Spiritual Leader in the spiritual development of the Munanso Congo.

Tata Nganga - High Priest
High Priest of the Palo Mayombe Religion that has had all the Necessary training and Initiation rites that can perform all the ceremonies, sacrifices and mambo's, a Tata Nganga has extremely good knowledge of all the herbs,animals,songs,prayers and ceremonies a Tata Nganga has also recieved all of the sacred Nganga's, This High Priest can give birth to new Nganga's and knows all the secrets to building the sacred vessels of the religion of Palo Mayombe and can lead any ceremony and have his own Munanso Congo as well but during functions all of the elders go to where the roots of where they were born  from and worship from the main munanso congo God Fathers, God Sons and Daughers and Elders all include eachother and come together in singular worship in 1 House of Worship.

Tata Nkisi-Bokanfula - Assistant to High Priest
A Priest that has complete knowledge in all the ceremonies of Palo Mayombe and assists during all ceremonies and eventully has an opportunity to become a Tata Nganga though initiation and complete his High Priesthood.

Tata Nkisi/Yaya Nkisi - Male/ Female Priests
Tata Nkisi/Yaya Nkisi have the basic knowledge in ceremonies, prayers, and sacrifices and have recieved there basic "fundamento" the Building blocks of the Kimpungulu Nganga's usually there Mpungo (Diety they are Initiated to) and "Lucero" Nkuyo.  these priest can build up there Houses by receiving more Nganga's, training and Initiations.  They can Have God Children of there own but require the presence of a Nfumo, Tata Nganga & Bokanfula to perform the necessary ceremonies.

Tata Nkisi/Yaya Nkisi - Male/ Female Priests
without "Fundamento" Nganga
A Tata Nkisi/Yaya Nkisi without the Fundamento or fundamental Nganga's,  in most cases these are priests that are capable of learning the Ceremonies, songs, prayers  and sacrifices they serve as active memebers in the Munanso Congo and must always have the presence of a Nfumo, Tata Nganga & Bokanfula to perform the necessary ceremonies. 
Ngaeyo - Novice Apprentice to the Priests
New Initiated Novice Apprentices to a Munanso Congo they are Children of the Mpungo and highly respected because they are said to be looked after directly by the Mpungo and bakula during there initiation process and afterwards they are however under a watchful eye from everyone. they are also the ones that have a freshest energy,and  have been just cleaned so they have strict rules to follow.  they can take part in most but not all of the Ceremonies of the Munanso Congo after they have made there oaths and vows through the sacred initiations into the tribal munanso congo. 
Membership to a Munanso Congo is only by initiation.

The organizational structure follows the model of a family. During the times of slavery when blood families were often broken up by slave holders, this model was particularly significant is taken very literally.

Interested in being Initiated into Palo Mayombe?
The first step is you must have a Consultation with the High Priest and receive entrance into the Munanso Congo

Next Step is preperation for your initiation including having fresh white cloths, hat and shoes.

The Final step is getting your Initiation funding together for the items necessary for the ceremony and following the strict rules before and after your initiation.
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Templo Nsasi Congo
Templo Nsasi Congo
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